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AI Tells - Global Warming Threshold Is Just A Decade Away

AI Warns – Global Warming Threshold Is Just A Decade Away

Scientists used artificial intelligence (AI) to predict how long it would take for global warming to become catastrophic. The

Cool Food Pledge

“Cool Food” Can Slash Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 25%

Cool Food Pledge — a rising movement of companies, hotels, colleges, hospitals, and restaurants seeking to reduce food-related greenhouse

Fossil fuel

Burning Of Fossil Fuels Is The Top Reason For Climate Change

The combustion of fossil fuels, which today accounts for 86 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, is the primary cause


India Set To Miss Ambitious 2022 Renewable Energy Target

India has frequently boasted about achieving progress toward its promises under the 2015 Paris climate change agreement, from reducing


UN – At The Current Rate Of Emission We Are On The Verge Of Disaster…

According to an updated study from the United Nations (UN) which is a synthesis of the emission objectives of

ozone layer

Ozone Was Saved But Leaders Are Not Listened To Science On Climate :(

Back in 1987, world leaders came together to ban chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are the chemicals associated with the gigantic,


Millions Of Jobs To Be Created On Way To Paris Agreement Target…

Meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement would create 8 million jobs by 2050, a new analysis published in the journal


COP26 – Climate And Environmental Literacy For All

The next Conference of Parties (COP) is scheduled for November of 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland. The United States officially

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