Heatwave Is Killing By the Dozen

The horrific heatwave in western Canada and the northwestern United States had already killed dozens and same is happening in other side of the globe in Indian subcontinent.

Now it’s clear that things are much worse, with local governments announcing several hundred new heat-related deaths.

Over the past five days, a tragic 486 people have died in British Columbia alone and honestly we don’t have numbers for Indian subcontinent still but according to Statista it is just two which is very surprising given that they don’t have facilities for poor as compared to developed countries.

When the developed countries are seeing so many deaths, India is showing a figure of just two?????

Number of deaths due to heat waves across India from 2008 to 2020

Deaths in British Columbia are triple the typical number of people who would typically die over that time period, allowing experts to link the excess death toll to the dangerous, unrelenting onslaught of heat — and its horrifying, deadly effects on the human body.

Even though heatwaves preceded climate change, the global phenomena is statistically making them and other extreme weather events both more common and more severe.


Over the next few days, environmental scientists say they’ll have a clearer understanding of the exact role that climate change played in causing and exacerbating the heatwave, as well as how many deaths were definitively linked to it.

While there’s hope that this particular heatwave may end over the course of the week, experts warn that the Earth’s swiftly tilting climate means that future heatwaves will only get worse and deadlier.

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