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Fleetzero Develops Battery Swapping For Container Ships

According to Fleetzero, a New Orleans-based startup, container ships account for 2.2 percent of worldwide carbon dioxide emissions —

Bounce Infinity

Bounce Plans To Disrupt E-scooter Space With Battery Swapping

Bounce Infinity, a new entry in the electric two-wheeler market, may be able to upset the electric 2-Wheeler (E2W)

battery swapping

Battery Swapping Technology Could Serve As A Stopgap Measure For India

India has lofty emission reduction ambitions, and the automobile sector is a critical area where it can significantly decrease

Battery Swapping

Now Battery Swapping “As-a-service” Is Available For Shipping Industry

Battery swapping has long been a controversial topic in the electric car world but now it is happening in


Gogoro & Hero Group Partner To Develop Battery Swapping Infrastructure

Taiwanese electric scooter maker Gogoro has partnered with India’s Hero MotoCorp to offer its battery-sharing infrastructure in the world’s

Battery Swapping Policy Has Divided The Indian EV Industry

In an advisory issued on August 12, the government has allowed registration of EVs without their batteries, a move

Battery Swapping option in Honda PCX Electric Scooters

Companies like Renault and Tesla have toyed with the idea of hot-swappable batteries in their vehicles, with something that looked

Battery Smart

Battery Smart To Develop Swapping Network in Delhi-NCR

Delhi-based Battery Smart aims to develop a dense battery swapping network to enable electric vehicles (EV) to avoid charging

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