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A New Device That Filters Saltwater 1000 Times Faster

Scientists have invented a gadget that filters saltwater a thousand times quicker than routinely used desalination devices, which might


Rubbery Nano-material That Could Replace Human Tissue

Amferia, a start up that plans to commercialize a rubbery nano-material invention that seamlessly integrates with the human body

A New Fiber For Futuristic Smart Garments

Designers of smart garments have a vision: that we’ll come to use electronics woven into the clothes we wear.

2018 : Contribution Of Indian Scientist Towards A Clean Future

Beyond rocket launches and nuclear capable missiles, Indian scientist have left their mark in the field ranging from nanotechnology

Nano-particle Drug Delivery System

Indian researchers are trying to engineer an effective drug delivery system through nanoparticles. The use of nanotechnology enables researchers

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