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3 Leading EV Upstarts – Rivian, NIO, Nikola

A new Leaderboard Report from Guidehouse Insights evaluates the strategy and execution of 21 electric vehicle (EV) upstarts. The report, looks


Amazon Feels Zoox Might Have The Secret To Robotaxis

Zoox, based out of California, has been working for years on autonomous ride-hailing technology. It was valued at $3


REE Creates 30% Lighter & 70% Smaller Flatbed, That Has Tesla Model 3’s Interior Volume

A Tel Aviv based startup by the name of REE Automotive is working on a standardized undercarriage, which can

Lincoln SUV

No Electric Lincoln SUV On Rivian’s Platform

Ford has canceled its electric vehicle (EV) plans with Rivian with regards to a fully electric Lincoln SUV. Last


Coronavirus Has Lockdown All – Tesla, Rivian, Lucid Motors…

Coronavirus outbreak has put a complete halt on all the manufacturing activities around the world. While Tesla did a


Rivian – Tesla’s Worst Nightmare Has Come To Life

Rivian, the American electric start-up that has the potential to be even more influential than Tesla. The little-heralded electric


Amazon Custom Built Last-Mile Delivery Vehicle With Rivian

Amazon is new to the world of parcel delivery and initially opted for a fleet of diesel-powered Mercedes Sprinter


Lincoln’s First Fully Electric Vehicle Will Feature A Rivian Skateboard Platform

In a press release dated January 29, Lincoln announced it is “working together with Rivian to develop an all-new

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