From an environmental standpoint, a rocket should be hydrogen-fueled. When hydrogen is burned, it is combined with oxygen from the surrounding environment, leaving just water vapor in the exhaust. Water vapor diffuses harmlessly through the atmosphere and has no effect on climate change or other environmental problems. Hydrogen rockets areContinue Reading

Battery Storage

Battery storage and green hydrogen – two crucial sectors for India’s renewable future and energy security – have the potential to develop fast in the nation, aided by government policies and private sector efforts. The Government of India is promoting the Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) market appropriately via production-linkedContinue Reading


Citroen has never stopped innovating in order to adapt to societal changes and provide greater tranquilly and ease to professionals in their everyday lives since 1928. Citroen is deploying new energies in 2021 with ë-Jumpy Hydrogen (H2) and new concepts with My Ami Cargo to provide the most comprehensive electricContinue Reading

Bharat Petroleum

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), India’s second-largest fuel retailer, is aiming to build a 1,000 MW portfolio of renewable power generation capacity, primarily through acquisitions, while also investing in biofuels and hydrogen. It aims to transform 7,000 of the approximately 19,000 petrol pumps into energy stations in the medium toContinue Reading


German Minister Anja Karliczek recently unveiled an example of a “hyper hybrid” vehicle powered by synthetic methanol, which is based on “green hydrogen” technologies. For this purpose they took a Tesla Moel Y— an all-electric vehicle that is, in many ways, already the pinnacle for efficiency and sustainability — forContinue Reading

EnerVenue Battery

Relying too heavily on lithium for energy storage could lead to environmental and social consequences that could be avoided if other battery technologies were included in the mix. The global energy services company Schlumberger has decided to do just that and has signed a storage agreement with EnerVenue. EnerVenue isContinue Reading


India has revised its proposed $8 billion scheme for the auto sector which will now focus on incentivizing companies to build electric and hydrogen fuel-powered vehicles. This is a significant shift from the government’s original plan to incentivize auto and auto part makers to build mainly gasoline vehicles and their componentsContinue Reading